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Volume 4, Numbers 1-4
Algorithms for Designing Clamshell Molds
S. Wuhrer, P. Bose, P. Morin and M. Smid  |  pp 1-10  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.1-10  |  Abstract
Geodesic, Flow Front and Voronoi Diagram
C. K. Au  |  pp 11-18  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.11-18  |  Abstract
Local and Global Accessibility Evaluation with Tool Geometry
J. Wang, C. A. Roberts and S. Danielson   |  pp 19-29  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.19-29  |  Abstract
A Scheme for Interpolating NURBS Curves on NC Machines
S.-S. Yeh and  J.-T. Sun  |  pp 31-40  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.31-40  |  Abstract
Flank Millable Surfaces Generated via Polynomial Composition
C. Li, S. Mann and S. Bedi  |  pp 41-48  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.41-48  |  Abstract
Simulating Multi-Axis Machining Using NURBS and Quaternions
D. Yoon, J. Shen, E. Ohou and  E. Orady  |  pp 49-55  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.49-55  |  Abstract
Optimum Matching of Geometric Features for Material Metamorphosis in Heterogeneous Object Modeling
K. Samanta and B. Koc  |  pp 57-66  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.57-66  |  Abstract
A Surface Development Method with Application in Footwear CAD/CAM
A. Tam, A. Joneja, K. Tang and Z. Yao  |  pp 67-77  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.67-77  |  Abstract
Practical Extension of Tensegric-Modeling-Based Soft Tissue Deformation
K. G. Kobayashi, T. Ichizawa, K. Ootsubo and K. T. Miura  |  pp 79-87  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.79-87  |  Abstract
CAD Visualization by Outsourcing
V. Popescu and C. Hoffmann  |  pp 89-98  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.89-98  |  Abstract
Using Virtual Demonstrations for Creating Multi-Media Training Instructions
M. Schwartz, S. K. Gupta, J. E. Brough, D. K. Anand and R. Kavetsky  |  pp 99-108  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.99-108  |  Abstract
Challenges for Design Management
S. Danjou and P. Koehler  |  pp 109-116  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.109-116  |  Abstract
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3D Part Retrieval in Product Data Management System
C.-F. You  and T.-P. Chen  |  pp 117-125  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.117-125  |  Abstract
Virtual Library of Mechanical Watch Movements
L. C. Tam, Y. Fu and R. Du  |  pp 127-136  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.127-136  |  Abstract
A Parametric Voxel Oriented CAD Paradigm to Produce Forming Components for Stretch Formed Jewelry
V. Gulati and P. Tandon  |  pp 137-145  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.137-145  |  Abstract
Computer Aided Manufacturability Analysis of Die-cast Parts
J. Madan, P. V. M. Rao and T. K. Kundra  |  pp 147-158  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.147-158  |  Abstract
3D Reconstruction of Solid Models from Engineering Orthographic Views using Variational Geometry
M. Weiss-Cohen  |  pp 159-167  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.159-167  |  Abstract
Nesting of Complex Sheet Metal Parts
T. F. Lam, W. S. Sze and S. T. Tan  |  pp 169-179  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.169-179  |  Abstract
Best Multi-degree Reduction of Bernstein Polynomial in L2-norm Based on an Explicit Termination Criterion
R. Zhang, G. Wang and W. Ma  |  pp 181-190  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.181-190  |  Abstract
Path Generation for High Speed Machining Using Spiral Curves
Z. Yao and A. Joneja  |  pp 191-198  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.191-198  |  Abstract
A Fast and Accurate Denoising Algorithm for Two-Dimensional Curves
J. Shen and D. Yoon  |  pp 199-208  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.199-208  |  Abstract
A Feedback Design to a CAD-Guided Area Sensor Planning System for Automated 3D Shape Inspection
Q. Shi, N. Xi and C. Spagnuluo  |  pp 209-218  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.209-218  |  Abstract
Adaptive Vertex Quantization for Mesh Compression
Z. M. Qiu, Y. S. Wong and J. Y. H. Fuh  |  pp 219-226  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.219-226  |  Abstract
High-Quality Sharp Features in Triangular Meshes
M. Higashi, H. Inoue and T. Oya  |  pp 227-234  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.227-234  |  Abstract
Incorporating Computational Fluid Dynamics into the Preliminary Design Cycle
J. K. Shelley, N. C. Giullian and C. G. Jensen  |  pp 235-245  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.235-245  |  Abstract
Synthesization of Edge Noises for Touch Probe and Laser Sensor Measurement
J. Shen  |  pp 247-256  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.247-256  |  Abstract
Semantic Tolerancing with Generalized Intervals
Y. Wang  |  pp 257-266  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.257-266  |  Abstract
A Hybrid Model with Mathematical Relations and Neural Network Relations for Optimal Concurrent Design
D. Zhao, W. Dong and D. Xue  |  pp 267-276  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.267-276  |  Abstract
Surface Approximation to Scattered Lines
A. A. Goshtasby  |  pp 277-286  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.277-286  |  Abstract
Fragment-based Evaluation of Non-Uniform B-spline Surfaces on GPUs
T. Kanai  |  pp 287-294  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.287-294  |  Abstract
Roughness as a Shape Measure
R. Kushnapally, A. Razdan and N. Bridges  |  pp 295-310  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.295-310  |  Abstract
Feature-preserving Deformation for Assembly Models
H. Masuda  |  pp 311-320  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.311-320  |  Abstract
Layered Modeling of Porous Structures with Voronoi Diagrams
H. N. Chow, S. T. Tan and W. S. Sze  |  pp 321-330  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.321-330  |  Abstract
PC-based Controller with Real-time Look-ahead NURBS Interpolator
H.-T. Yau, J.-B. Wang, C.-Y. Hsu and C.-H. Yeh  |  pp 331-340  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.331-340  |  Abstract
Energy Based Cutting Force Model Calibration for Milling
M. Xu, R. B. Jerard and B. K. Fussell  |  pp 341-351  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.341-351  |  Abstract
A Framework for Distributed Collaborative Engineering on Grids
L. Fan, H. Zhu, S. H. Bok and A. Senthil Kumar   |  pp 353-362  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.353-362  |  Abstract
Articulation of Customizable Biomechanical Designs through Assembly Modeling
K. A. Jensen, J. J. Cox and B. L. Showalter  |  pp 363-373  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.363-373  |  Abstract
Feature Extraction on Axially Symmetric Pottery for Hierarchical Classification
C. Hörr, D. Brunner and G. Brunnett  |  pp 375-384  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.375-384  |  Abstract
An Approach for Tool Accessibility Evaluation for Multi-axis Machining Models
C. A. Roberts and R. Rawat  |  pp 385-394  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.385-394  |  Abstract
Internal Scaffold Architecture Designs using Lindenmayer Systems
B. Starly and W. Sun  |  pp 395-403  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.395-403  |  Abstract
Surface Faring Using Circular Highlight Lines
Y. Nishiyama, Y. Nishimura, T. Sasaki and T. Maekawa  |  pp 405-414  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.405-414  |  Abstract
Kiddy CAD: A Child Friendly Parametric Approach for 3D Modeling Software
B. Farrimond, J. Bonar-Law and R. Hetherington  |  pp 415-425  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.415-425  |  Abstract
Automatic Registration Using Virtual Polar Ball
H. T. Yau, L. S. Tsou and H. M. Tseng  |  pp 427-436  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.427-436  |  Abstract
Loci Periodic Surface Reconstruction from Crystals
Y. Wang  |  pp 437-447  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.437-447  |  Abstract
Evaluation of Inspection Ability Promotion for Learning Mechanical Product Web-based Inspection
J. S. Liang  |  pp 449-458  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.449-458  |  Abstract
Solutions of the 21st Century – Teaching Computer-Aided Conceptual Design
Z. M. Bzymek, S. Vahidi and H. Spottiswoode  |  pp 459-465  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.459-465  |  Abstract
Integration of CAD Software with DSS for Engineering and Architectural Project Design
S. Kosavinta, P. Kanongchaiyos  and P. Jinuntuya  |  pp 467-476  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.467-476  |  Abstract
Quasi-Aesthetic Curves in Rational Cubic Bézier Forms
N. Yoshida and T. Saito |  pp 477-486  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.477-486  |  Abstract
Robust and Error Controllable Boolean Operations on Free-Form Solids
S. Lai and  F. (Frank) Cheng  |  pp 487-496  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.487-496  |  Abstract
An Automated Approach to Feature-Based Design for Reusable Parameter-Rich Surface Models
J. H. Elliott, C. L. Berglund and C. G. Jensen  |  pp 497-507  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.497-507  |  Abstract
CAD-Based Parametric Cross-Section Designer for Gas Turbine Engine MDO Applications
C. Dye, J. B. Staubach, D. Emmerson and C. G. Jensen  |  pp 509-518  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.509-518  |  Abstract
A Metaknowledge Approach to Facilitate Knowledge Sharing in the Global Product Development Process
D. J. Bradfield, J. X. Gao and H. Soltan  |  pp 519-528  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.519-528  |  Abstract
Feature Recognition of User-Defined Freeform Features
T. R. Langerak and J. S. M. Vergeest  |  pp 529-538  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.529-538  |  Abstract
Reconfigurable Mechanisms for Application Control (RMAC): Architecture
W. Li, E. Red, G. Jensen and M. Evans  |  pp 539-547  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.539-547  |  Abstract
Reconfigurable Mechanisms for Application Control (RMAC): Applications
W. Li, E. Red, G. Jensen and M. Evans  |  pp 549-556  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.549-556  |  Abstract
Computer Aided Product Color Design with Artificial Intelligence
H.-C. Tsai, C.-Y. Hung and F.-K. Hung |  pp 557-564  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.557-564  |  Abstract
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