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Volume 4, Number 5
Segmenting Geometric Reliefs from Textured Background Surfaces
S. Liu, R. R. Martin, F. C. Langbein and P. L. Rosin  |  pp 565-583  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.565-583  |  Abstract
Computer-Aided Design for Additive Manufacturing of Cellular Structures
D. W. Rosen  |  pp 585-594  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.585-594  |  Abstract
ECAD - A Prototype Screen-based VR Solid Modeling Environment Incorporating Tangible Deformable Models
R. Blanding and G. Turkiyyah   |  pp 595-605  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.595-605  |  Abstract
Energy Minimizers for Curvature-Based Surface Functionals
P. Joshi and C. Séquin  |  pp 607-617  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.607-617  |  Abstract
3D Part Similarity Comparison Based on Levels of Detail in Negative Feature Decomposition
H.-C. Cheng, C.-H. Chu, E. Wang and Y.-S. Kim  |  pp 619-628  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.619-628  |  Abstract
Retrieving Matching CAD Models by Using Partial 3D Point Clouds
C. Y. Ip and S. K. Gupta  |  pp 629-638  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.629-638  |  Abstract
Five-Axis High Speed Machining of Sculptured Surfaces by Surface-Based NURBS Path Interpolation
J. C. J. Chiou and Y.-S. Lee  |  pp 639-648  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.639-648  |  Abstract
Unit-Cell Based Design and Modeling in Tissue Engineering Applications
C. Gomez, A. Shokoufandeh and W. Sun  |  pp 649-659  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.649-659  |  Abstract
Stochastic Modeling of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds with Varying Porosity Levels
S. Sogutlu and B. Koc  |  pp 661-670  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.661-670  |  Abstract
Computer-Aided Design and Realization of Geometrical Sculptures
C. H. Sequin  |  pp 671-681  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.671-681  |  Abstract
High Fidelity Conversion of NURBS Curves for Data Exchange
L. A. Piegl, K. Rajab and V. Smarodzinava  |  pp 683-693  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.683-693  |  Abstract
Analysis of Part Accessibility in Product Disassembly
Q. Peng and C. Chung  |  pp 695-704  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.695-704  |  Abstract
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Navigating the Tolerance Analysis Maze
J. J. Shah, G. Ameta, Z. Shen and J. Davidson  |  pp 705-718  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.705-718  |  Abstract
Managing Extended Producer Responsibility using PLM. Part 1: Ensuring Compliance in Early Design Stages
N. Joshi and D. Dutta  |  pp 719-730  |  DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2007.719-730  |  Abstract
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