Computer-Aided Design and Applications (ISSN 1686-4360) is an independent, international peer-reviewed technical journal dedicated to the applications of computer-aided design and manufacturing. .
Original work. We assume that the paper you are submitting for publication is original and the result of your work. Kindly make a written declaration to this effect when submitting the manuscript.
Multiple submission. We do not accept multiple submissions, i.e. if you have submitted the same, or very similar, paper elsewhere, CAD&A will not consider this submission. It is against international publishing standards to submit the same paper to various publishers to enhance your chances.
Paper review. Not all papers get reviewed by outside reviewers. The Editors retain the right to process a paper with any number of reviews. Papers that are not sent out for review fall in the following categories:
out of the scope of the journal;
incomprehensibly presented;
have no novel ideas or interesting applications;
contain inappropriate content and/or language; or
found to have been published/submitted elsewhere.
Review comments. It is our firm policy that the reviewer is not always right. The reviewer is only human and he is bound to make mistakes when presenting his comments.
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Copyright (C) by the Publisher CAD Solutions, LLC
Copyright transfer. CAD&A does not require authors to sign the copyright to the publisher. This is your work and you should be able to hold on to it. We only retain the right to publish the work and to disseminate it to the public.
Publish or perish. CAD&A does not participate in the publish or perish madness. We refuse to publish papers because of profit or personal ego. A paper is published if and only if it conveys important and reproducible information, and if it helps the public with technological advancements.
Review recommendations. The reviewer’s evaluation is an opinion only. It is not carved in stone and it is considered as a piece of advice only. It is also understood that, more often than not, review comments are contradictory, e.g. one recommends the paper for acceptance with minor revisions while the other wants it rejected outright.
Decisions. Decisions regarding acceptance, rejection or revision rest with the Editors. They may consider all, some or none of the reviews that are at their disposal. They are the only people who are responsible for making decisions, and they are the only ones to be held accountable for any decision.
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