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Computer-Aided Design and Applications (ISSN 1686-4360) is an independent, international peer-reviewed technical journal dedicated to the applications of computer-aided design and manufacturing.
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Volume 8  Number 2  Pages 163-174
3D Web-Based Virtual Try On of Physically Simulated Clothes

N. Magnenat-Thalmann, B. Kevelham, P. Volino, M. Kasap, E. Lyard, MIRALab – University of Geneva

Abstract. In this paper we present the Virtual Try On (VTO), an online application that assists users in the evaluation of garments in an online shopping scenario. With the VTO users can create a size-correct virtual representation of themselves, allowing them to virtually try on physically simulated garments which can then be animated. We discuss the requirements of web based physically simulated clothes through a discussion of its building blocks: body sizing, motion retargeting and real-time physically based simulation of resizable and customizable garments. We also discuss its place in a CAD chain from 2D pattern data to the final production of actual garments.

Keywords: virtual try on, 3D garment simulation, body resizing, motion retargeting.

DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2011.163-174
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