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Computer-Aided Design and Applications (ISSN 1686-4360) is an independent, international peer-reviewed technical journal dedicated to the applications of computer-aided design and manufacturing.
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Volume 10  Number 6  Pages 1021-1032
Designing Log-aesthetic Splines with G2 Continuity

Kenjiro T. Miura, Dai Shibuya and Shin Usuki, Shizuoka University
R. U. Gobithaasan, University of Malaysia, Terengganu

Abstract. This paper elucidates the possibilities to interactively generate and deform Log-aesthetic (LA) curves regardless of their integral form. The methods proposed are twofold; in the first section, we propose new method to generate an S-shaped LA spline. In the next section, we propose a novel method to solve the G2 Hermite interpolation problem with LA curves which is in the form of LA triplets. These methods have been implemented as a plug-in module for a commercial CAD system and are successfully used for practical design. This paper proofs that LA curve has matured and ready for industrial design.

Keywords: log-aesthetic spline curve, G2 Hermite interpolation, triple log-aesthetic curve segments, S-shaped curve.

DOI: 10.3722/cadaps.2013.1021-1032
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